Our History - Nunnington past and present

Nunnington is a beautiful, quiet, unspoilt village, spreading up the hillside from the River Rye, while a fine avenue of sycamores leads to the top of Caulkleys Bank. Its history is fascinating, exciting, and romantic.

We know there was an Anglo-Saxon settlement here, and that Nonni's homestead stood on the site of the present Hall - hence the name, meaning "the farm belonging to Nonni's people".

Nunnington is mentioned in the Domesday Book (1086) spelt Nonnitune, Nonninetune and Nunningetune.

The village has seen the Ravaging of the North, and the estate has changed hands multiple times throughout the centuries, until in 1952 the Hall was left to the National Trust by Margaret Fife.

Her descendants still own the estate of over 2,000 acres and try to maintain its well being and traditions. 

At the 2011 census Nunnington had 361 inhabitants. We'll be sharing more history of the village and surrounding area, as well as 

recipes, details of upcoming events, and news of what's going on in the village via the Nunnington News, which is posted or emailed to all residents. Most of the information in the News will also be posted on this website, so do check back to find out more and see what's going on.